May 21, 2013

This Little Light of Mine

One of the best things about making dollhouse miniatures is the variety of materials that can be used to make them. As much as I love my polymer clay, I also really enjoy making lamps such as these from beautiful art glass beads, cloisonne beads, and jewelry findings.
On the subject of jewelry supplies, I am very sad to say that my favorite local jewelry suppy store, JewelArt, is going out of business at the end of the month after almost 39 years :( The combination of competition with online suppliers, other local businesses and a deteriorating neighborhood has made it impossible for them to stay in business. JewelArt, you will be missed! I will have to see what the other local stores have to offer- I've never had a reason to check them out before.
I hope the new venues will carry some of what I need, and maybe some new inspiration?  Miniaturists are nothing if not resourceful.  I hold on to so many tiny bits and pieces because I just know they can be used to make something awesome.  And it never fails, as soon as I finally decide to throw something out, I think of the perfect use for it a couple days later.  Hello, my name is Katherine and I'm a Craft Hoarder.

Ok, fess up - what's the most ridiculous craft supply that you hoard?  I know I'm not alone!

By the way, those cute lamps up there are now available for purchase in my miniatures shop on Etsy.

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