June 4, 2013

A Quick Day Trip

Sorry I've been so quiet here the past couple weeks.  I'm getting ready to start a new (yet old) chapter in my life and along with that I had an awesome unexpected guest over the weekend!

I have been hired back into my old job at JCPenney after being laid off 2 months ago.  I left due to corporate restructuring and the elimination of my position, but I guess they just couldn't live without me :)  I'm not exactly sure what my position will consist of, but they are willing to work with me on my hours and I'll be able to be home with Miss Jellybean after she gets out of school.  I'm thinking it's really starting to come together!

James Dean monument, Cholame
But I have a better reason for neglecting my crafting and blogging recently - My cousin came for a surprise visit!  I haven't seen her in 6 years.  We used to spend summers together in Northern Michigan when we were kids.  I miss Michigan so much, but it was so cool to see her out here in California.  It was a super quick trip, so I only got to see her for a day and a half before she headed off to visit Yosemite.  We met up with my mom and took her to a few of our favorite places on the Central Coast - Morro Bay and Montana de Oro.

First, we stopped at the James Dean memorial in Cholame.  (The drive from Fresno to Paso Robles and the Central California Coast takes you through the intersection that was the site of James Dean's fatal crash)

Montana de Oro State Park

Cousins! (and the kiddo!)

Tidepools at Montana de Oro.  Yay!  The tide was actually low enough to explore the tide pools

I have been going to Morro Bay my whole life, and one of the iconic attractions is the Aquarium on the Embarcadero.  Now that I am an adult, I realize that the place is a little dirty and cramped, but I am a really nostalgic and sentimental person so I still love it.  It is a must-go place for us when we are in Morro Bay, at least now while Miss Jellybean is still young.  She loves to check out all the creepy sea life in the tanks, but she especially loves feeding the seals and sea lions..  I can't imaging walking along the Embarcadero and not hearing their obnoxious barking and fin slapping and other funny sea lion sounds.  

Hello, creepy fish...

We finally got one of these guys to climb out on the platform :)

No trip to Morro Bay is complete without a stop at the Shell Shop.  This place is virtually unchanged since I was younger than Miss Jellybean.  She picked out a couple new treasures to add to her seashell jar.

Well, goodbye for now my friends :)  I'm blogging after midnight and I'm sure I'm even less entertaining than usual.  I hope to be back to your regularly scheduled crafting soon, so stay tuned!

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