June 8, 2013

Doing It In Public...

Knitting, that is!

...what did you think I meant?  Get your mind outta the gutter!

Today was Worldwide Knit In Public Day, and we braved the 110 degree heat to take part in the event at The Knit Addiction.  As I had mentioned before, the only things I've knit so far are hexipuffs so I consider myself more of a crocheter than a knitter.  One of these days I hope to add socks to my crafting resume.

There were several of us out on the sidewalk in front of the shop today working on all kinds of different projects: sweaters, socks, blankets, hats, adorable little mice, and even crocheted tacos!  Miss Jellybean was there with me as well, working on bead bracelets.  Trips inside the shop for the air conditioning and the water cooler kept us from melting into the pavement, along with a stop at the ice cream shop across the street.  (Hooray for Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet!)

Oh, by the way - we even yarn-bombed Festus. (Ken Curtis, the actor who played Deputy Festus Haggen in Gunsmoke lived his later years in Clovis - in case you were wondering why there is a random cowboy statue in the middle of Old Town Clovis)

The hexipuffs are still coming along slowly.  Since I'm not really knitting at home recently, I only work on them on my lunch breaks or during long car trips.  I'm focusing more on my miniatures lately.  I was able to find some great supplies at a local bead store, and I'm going to be making several more of those adorable little hurricane lamps that I am currently in love with.  I also found a different style of glass shade, and I'm going to work on making holiday (and everyday) candle centerpieces.

But I do have something new to learn in the world of knitting!  I won one of the doorprizes today.  It's a kit to make a beautiful knitted bracelet with beads.  It will be a challenge, but I think I'm up for it!

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